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“The last two weeks I’ve written a beginners guide to Asian cinema, I originally planned to include this but thought it would perhaps suit it’s own standalone place. More next week though!”

Hayao Miyazaki and chums over at Studio Ghibli have shown the world that Japanese animation can be ultra stylish and stories don’t have to involve underage hareems and panty shots. However Studio Ghibli to your every day anime is more like comparing Walt Disney Pictures to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Movies are a different world compared to their TV counterparts.

The problem with anime is that it has a bad image. There is a sea of almost perverted stories or tales of a boy so strong he fights with other… strong people or equally ridiculous ordeals. However these are stories from another culture, a whole other style of life, style of thinking and most of all a whole other style ir story telling, it just takes a little thought to find something that wont make you vomit.



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So the trailer for the new Studio Ghibli film has been dispersed across youtube and I’m as excited as can be.

Generally speaking I’m not much of an anime lover; in fact I often find even the most lauded examples of Japanese animation to be immature and trite. There are a few select works which I can appreciate for their scope and imagination but generally speaking I tend to keep my distance. The work of Studio Ghibli is very much an exception to this rule and I greet any offering from the company with immense amounts of glee and anticipation. Whilst the company has stumbled on a few projects (My Neighbours The Yamadas and Tales From Earthsea aren’t particularly bad films, they’re just average in a pantheon of greatness) there track record at producing truly iconic and beautiful pieces of work is unbeatable. (more…)

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